UV Light for Kitchen Exhaust Hoods - Reduces Grease and Odors (KE)
UV Light for Kitchen Exhaust Hoods - Reduces Grease and Odors (KE)
UV Light for Kitchen Exhaust Hoods - Reduces Grease and Odors (KE)

UV Light for Kitchen Exhaust Hoods - Reduces Grease and Odors (KE)

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Our Kitchen Exhaust Hood Fixtures (KE Series) are designed to reduce odor emissions and grease deposits commonly associated with kitchen exhaust hoods. KE Fixtures also contribute to a safer kitchen environment by lessening the dangers of grease fires. Exposing airborne contaminants to UV-C light, and ozone, removes virtually all grease particles greater than 8 microns. These small, harmless compounds are then carried out with the exhaust air flow, leaving kitchen exhaust hoods free from dangerous grease, and reducing unpleasant odors from the fan discharge.  This technology has been used successfully overseas for years and is now gaining popularity in the US.

KE Series Fixtures are ideal solutions in diners, restaurants, fast food restaurants, and commercial kitchens (including those in hotels, casinos, convention centers, resorts, etc.); industrial kitchens that produce fish and meat meals; and other environments where grease and oil are used to bake or fry. KE Series Fixtures feature UV-C lamps, and ozone, and are easy to mount in two or four-lamp configurations. They may be mounted singly, or in parallel configurations in exhaust systems. The KE Series is available in five insertion depths (14”, 16”, 24”, 33” and 45”) and three voltage options (120, 208 or 230 VAC; 50/60Hz), providing installation flexibility to accommodate virtually any kitchen exhaust system. KE Series Fixtures are designed for easy access lamp changes that do not require you to un-mount housing – simply remove the rear access panel, slide over the lamp retaining clips, and remove the lamps.


• Reduce risk of fires by minimizing grease deposits

• Reduce unpleasant odors

• Prolong equipment life by reducing grease build-up

• Eliminate need for extra cleaning of exhaust hood and ductwork

• Improve exhaust flow by keeping hood continuously clean

• No residues or liquids

• High-output (800mA) lamps

• Environment-friendly lamps contain ≤ 8mg of mercury

• Two-year guarantee on lamps

• Five-year, non-prorated warranty on the ballast

• Low operating and maintenance costs

• Easy-to-change lamps

Replacement bulbs available HERE
Replace bulbs every 2 years