Door Barrier UV Fixtures (OR-DB)
Door Barrier UV Fixtures (OR-DB)

Door Barrier UV Fixtures (OR-DB)

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The DB Series confines UVC energy to a narrow beam, providing coverage within an average three-foot doorway. Wider openings can be equipped with two or more units mounted in tandem above the opening. Beam width and depth are further controlled with deep louvers that create a powerful, concentrated curtain of UV energy, resulting in maximum UVC output. Beam width and depth can be enlarged to control lamp/floor/distance ratio and create a balanced barrier from fixture to floor. Lamp and louver are easily removable for maintenance and lamp replacement does not require fixture disassembly or removal of fixture from mounting.  As personnel will normally pass through the ultraviolet radiation beam in a matter of less than a second, no protective clothing or equipment is required. Personnel should not look directly into the Door Barrier fixture. 

These germicidal fixtures are constructed of hospital grade stainless steel. They are 36" wide, 7” high and 4” deep and come complete with an 8’ service cord and pull chain switch. Effective lamp life is rated for 12,000 hours. Ready surface installation is possible with “keyhole” slots and additional screw holes in the mounting place on back. Louvers can be easily removed for lamp maintenance while fixtures remain in place.


• Shatterproof bulb

• Designed to mount over doorways

• Deep louvers direct energy straight down

• Protect critical areas

• Multiple units can be used on top, and sides, of doorways for extremely critical areas

This unit can be used as a stand-alone or as a component of our  UVC Operating Room Equipment Package” (Contact us for more information)

Replacement bulbs available HERE
Replace bulbs every 18 months