LIGHTDIS CM60 Ceiling Mounted 360 Upper Air UVC Fixture

LIGHTDIS CM60 Ceiling Mounted 360 Upper Air UVC Fixture

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This patented upper air UVC fixture from LIGHTDIS provides 360 degree coverage and treats up to 645 sq ft. Wall-mounted upper air fixtures are not suitable for bigger rooms because the UVC light only extends about 10 feet from the unit. Most wall-mounted units cover 100-300 sq ft. This monster doubles that... which means less fixtures and less cost for you and your facility.

Our units have undergone thorough testing from accredited independent laboratories. The Radiometric Technical Reports show the UVC wavelength and intensity as well as the direction of the light in a typical space. The Safety Technical Reports show a measurement of UVC light from specific distances from the fixture. Our fixtures are all in compliance with the requirements set by UNE0068 specification from the point of view of emitted UV radiation.

Our LIGHTDIS ceiling-mount unit uses four standard T-5 UVC lamps to radiate light in every direction...up to 645 sq ft per unit! More power and greater exposure mean that you have to buy less units to get excellent UVC upper-air coverage in a large space. Great for waiting rooms, cafeterias, auditoriums and any other large open space.. Our units are easy to install and maintain. 

SIZE IN INCHES: 29.5 W x 29.5 D x 5.12 H